Monday, August 20, 2012

Silk Ikat Scarves Flying Away for the Autumn

These two beautiful scarves now belong to Vivian and are going to the UK! Fare you well, dear ones; it is unlikely that I will find such fabrics anymore, so you will be the only ones in the United Kingdom! May Vivian wear you in good health, love you and take good care of you.


  1. Thank you! I admire these fabrics myself, and happy to have had a chance to handle them. By the way, I love sarongs and sari you offer in your shop - so beautiful! Quite different from our fabrics, but still, there's a certain distant echo. Of course, Uzbek and Indian cultures have had a lot of occasions to interact and interweave.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you for putting these beautiful scarves up for sale in your shop!
      I so look forward to holding them in my hands. The colours are brilliant, and I admire the craftsmanship which went into making them.
      I shall wear them with joy - and shall point everybody to your shop.


      (I removed the previous comment because of far too many typing errors ...)

    2. Dear Vivian,

      Thank you very much for your purchase and your kind words! It is a great pleasure dealing with you and talking to you. I do hope that you will enjoy your new scarves and will come again - not only to buy something, but just to exchange a few words, too. I will ship them on Wednesday and provide you with tracking information.


      PS Never mind the typing errors... I tend to make a lot of them, in addition to my Russian accent. However if I think too much about how and what I write, I won't be able to write at all I am afraid.

  3. Pumpkin-colored one will be perfect fit for a Halloween season! :)

    1. That is right, dear, only I had just one! and there is no such fabric anymore. The green one also was one of a kind (and my favorite).


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