Wednesday, August 29, 2012

They Could Use Our Pillows, Too

My mother looked at my previous post quite sceptically and said that I forgot about Goya's Naked Maja and Manet's Olympia. They could certainly use our silk ikat pillows, too. These ladies, definitely, knew how to make themselves comfortable - their home textiles are luxurious. Maja's cushions are monumental, and Olimpia has beautiful big pillows and an exquisite throw.

Francisco Goya, Maja Clothed

We laughed heartily together. My mother asked if I could use 'my computer skills' to add our silk pillows to the pictures, but then we decided that it would be a blasphemy. We love both pictures and of course I would not touch them even for a joke.

I especially like Olympia, with her serene face and flowing lines. I admire Japanese art, and its influence is very obvious here. I think I read somewhere that the model was a courtesan, but even if so, it is hard to tell from the picture - she looks so dignified.

Édouard Manet, Olympia

We will think of more potential customers for our ikat pillow cases - it is a very amusing game.


  1. What a great story angle! I love how your mind works.

    1. Thank you, I laughed a lot at this idea! By the way, your blog is excellent!


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