Thursday, August 9, 2012

Noro Kogarashi - The Nicest Rag Rug Ever!

...Just took my Noro Kogarashi sweater from the knitter.  It's color 03 as in the picture below (but looks much greener and richer and I love it.

(bought here with a good discount)

The sweater is a kimono style tunic with vertical stripes (Noro is self striping or variegated as of course  everybody knows), warm and cozy. The knitter called me two days ago in panic to say that it looked suspiciously like a rag rug, what could she do? - and I said I wanted to have exactly that so it's fine. She was relieved and said that actually she loved rag rugs and this one was especially nice, just like those made by her grandmother many years ago.

So, it is nice! I could not have a picture made today - it was too late in the afternoon - but I can say that I love the simple design of this tunic from a French magazine:

...and mine is even better! It is very much in line with Uzbek chapans (quilted robes or coats) made of becasab (striped silk/cotton mix). I will love wearing this tunic in the upcoming fall; the colors are just right for our fall, yes... colors of harvest, falling leaves, sun and shade and rain... I will take pictures later to share my wonderful Rag Rug, and I still have some yarn left for a top. I had a thought to have something made of it for my daughter, but I can hardly part with it; she can have Casmerino and whatever else.


  1. Потрясающая туника :)

  2. Спасибо пребольшое, я ею очень довольна )


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