Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For the Season of Mists

This is another scarf I made for the upcoming season.

I went grocery shopping today and bought these vegetables with the photo shoot in mind. This scarf is all colors of autumn and harvest. You can see pumpkin, carrot, tomato and chili there - and a dozen of other names, only I did not have that much room. It is also redolent of spices, such as precious saffron or curcuma and red pepper. A perfect way to warm up your fall outfit - and it will certainly brighten the most rainy day with its bright orange, red and yellow and hints of violet. Besides, it has large paisley pattern which I adore.

I think the picture is not too bad. I am not good at composing still life arrangements; my grandmother or great aunt who were prominent fashion designers here in Uzbekistan would do it much better. They were responsible for displays at our National Fashion House, besides other things, and really could drop a silk scarf in the most elegant and effortless manner. My mother, while a very good fashion designer, is not as experienced at making such arrangements as they were. Unfortunately they are not with us anymore and I cannot even receive critique from them - back then I used to be hurt by them criticizing but now I would welcome even a good scolding for being so useless, silly, unable to arrange very simple items for a basic photo shoot (but they would support me too, of course, saying I am getting better but I must work hard, and would help and say - see, it is so much better now! you will learn).  I miss them and I am grateful to them...

You can find the scarf in my Etsy shop, if interested. I only have three. And please do not forget about the giveaway with lots of entries granted to my customers.You can have two scarves at the price of one, plus free shipping, if you are lucky.

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