Monday, August 27, 2012

For Elizabeth

I was browsing my music folder looking for something soothing and relaxing before I go to sleep (it is 9pm here), and found this folk song from Georgia  (the one in the Caucasus) by Ensemble Tbilisi, from their album "Celebrations for God and Love".

A Sad Rainy Day ( by Ensemble Tbilisi on Grooveshark

The Georgian people are famous for their singing. And this song is certainly one of the most beautiful ones I have ever heard.

I found a photo to go with the song, too. Even though there is no rain, it has the feel that I wanted. It looks so much like our own houses in the villages. I am groping for words... Never mind. I am not very good at talking, even though I tend to talk a lot. I will show pictures of Uzbekistan later. Not the way it looks in official news, and not the way it is shown by the opposition, no - the way I see it.


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