Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beach Invader

This is the most bad, spoiled, naughty and irresistible working dog ever! As soon as I get up from my beach mat to have a swim, he occupies it and then makes this face as if it were his legitimate place, and I was just a noisy insect trying to move him from his territory! Look into these eyes full of lazy contempt and immeasurable arrogance! I often call him 'my kitten', and sometimes he looks quite cat-like.

Look, Jager, most of your relatives live in crates, do not swim in their owners' pools, and are neither kissed not hugged! They work in street patrols, look for bombs and live a hard life, whereas you have drawn a lucky ticket. I am giving you a lot; you make me support US economy by buying endless toys and other things for you; you have more toys and training aids than my daughter has. So give me back my beach mat, at least!


  1. :) Jager looks very pleased with himself. Our dog is a beach towel theif too - but we love him all the same.

  2. Ah, I guess all of them like that. Your dog is so beautiful! looks like jasper or something like that - is there a stone to match a Dalmatian?

  3. Jager is great! And, indeed, he has drawn a lucky ticket!

  4. The expressions our dogs can make!...and how we know exactly what they are trying to convey. Right at this moment I have been trying to clean and organize this messy house in between shop duties....and my dog is lying in the middle of the doorway, face flat on the floor between his paws and looking like the saddest, most depressed and neglected soul. (He's already had much activity today, but with dogs it is never enough!) I know what he wants....he wants me to take pity on him and take him out for yet another walk on this beautiful, sunny Fall day. I guess I must relent. It would do me good as well, but it also reinforces that he gets want he wants when he puts on the "woe is me" face.

    I have seen that look Jager is giving many times as well! Love the photo...its beautiful and so is your "kitten"! : )


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